Who scored first? And where's Wally (Jessie)?? - By Elise Mcdonald

20 April 2022 |
Who scored first? And where's Wally (Jessie)?? - By Elise Mcdonald

Scorers: Nat, Laura, Hannah, Rach, Maddie, Ana (6-1 win)

MoM: Nat

DoD: Elise

Wow time flies when you’re having fun!!!

The last game of the season for Spencer W3s means a few things: 1) goal raffle 2) gift exchange 3) drinking.

The first of the 3 went extremely well for me, and despite me having scored before I’d even left the house (DOD), I managed to pick up a whopping £14 thanks to Nat (who I drew in the raffle) scoring our first goal which I couldn’t have been more visibly pleased with on the sideline (DOD again). I might have been a little delirious from my hangover (yup bingo DOD).

The gift exchange was EVEN better with a few of my favourite gifts as follows:

- An alarm clock for Ana because she literally cannot be on time

- A Reversy Percy sticker for my car (see previous match report)

- A blow up Zimmer frame for the could have been newest member of the Ladies London Masters team (Nat)

- A French flag and rugby ball for Brady to celebrate the six nations result

We successfully also drank the pints... mostly pints of wine because we're classy. We also picked up another thing to be known for when Jessie had to be rescued by the Ladies 1s in the early hours... but hopefully that one gets forgotten.

A THIRD PLACE FINISH FOR THE MIGHTY 3s and looking forward to next season when drunk Elise assures us we will be going on TOUR!!!

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